Základní škola Tomáše Garrigua Masaryka Blansko, Czech Republic


Primary and lower secondary school Tomáše Garrigua Masaryka Blansko is the oldest school in town Blansko, with its history lasting for nearly ninety years. It is situated in the southeast part of the Czech Republic, in protected area called Moravian Karst. Our surrounding area is really rich in natural beauties. Our region also has a long industrial tradition and farming is very important here, too. About 20000 inhabitants live in Blansko and Czech second largest town Brno is in a convenient distance from us.

Our school offers primary and lower secondary education for pupils from Blansko and neighbouring towns and villages. The school building is situated near the very town centre. Our present number of pupils is about 600, about 40 teachers and 20 other operational employees work here. There are twenty-five classes at school now, fifteen primary classes (grades 1 – 5, age 6 – 11) and ten lower secondary classes (grades 6 – 9, age 12 – 15). The school curriculum concentrates in language teaching, our pupils can learn English from grade 2 on and German, Russian or French – according to pupils’ choice from grade 6. We can use language labs, two IT labs, two gyms, school sportsground and school canteen which provides lunches for our pupils and employees. We provide afternoon school club for youngest pupils, many out-of-school activities, sports courses, trips in our country and abroad and a huge variety of other activities.

The school motto is „With school into life“. Our goal is to equip young people not only with the knowledge but also with social sense and right set of values. That is why, since 2001, the school is being involved in inter schools projects within Socrates, Comenius and now Erasmus+. The school also takes part in other smaller projects focused on environment, art or scince.